Since ancient time till todays global age, the architect of numerous building and monuments have seen implausible changes. These were possible because of individuals creativity and innovation mixed with learning of past, ultimately shaping in best of architectural examples worldwide. Swapnakar has this soul of architect and being delivering results since its inception. Swapnakar believes that the balance between the five elements of creation i.e. Agni, Prithvi, Varun, Vayu and Vyom (APV3 ) need to be maintained in all the assignments and project it develops. Element of Vaastu is always a prime focal point of any project of Swapnakar. We have already erected residences, apartments, institutions, hospitals, towns, and complexes etc well in time with excellence.


Open space doesn’t mesmerize anyone if its landscaping is not done in appropriate way. Any best architect in the world has wonderful landscaping associated with the main erection. Garden, terrain, contour, pools, water bodies and a lot more could bring prodigious impact to the project. The perfect landscaping is service Swapnakar offers. From designing till developing we offer turnkey solutions for landscaping.


A perfect planning is the foundation stone of future convenience, comfort and best management of space and people. An integration of aesthetic work with regulatory framework, results in best laid township and complexes. Blend of architect with the green technology is one of key element in all the projects of Swapnakar. Be it the world class facilities, hi-tech infrastructure, serene landscaping or an incredible layout, Swapnakar offers the best of services in the planning segment especially urban planning.


In this competitive era where everyone is looking for a single window option, Swapnakar provides all the Project Management Solutions (we call it PMS) under one roof. A clients need to develop a project is catered professionally and solutions are provided suiting to the resources available with him. Swapnakar from time to time develop the capacities of the client to implement the project at par with class in world. Our all the staff and management is well trained on management systems and their work is continuously reviewed to improve the outputs. Swapnakar believes in absolute professionalism. We don't work with contractors or the laborers, rather we always work with our skilled and professional partners, be it engineers, electricians, plumbers or masons. Right from our implementing partners to the clients, Swapanakar maintains a transparency in flow of information and procedures.


A house is never a home without appealing interiors. With Swapnakar one gets the feel of “AWESOME". The drop and the backdrop, shade and shadow, tinge and suffuse, imbued and pervade are the characters, which Swapnakar could define, demarcate and reflect clearly & visibly in the interiors. Of course in the positioning of objects within, is guided with the principles of Vaastu. Through our interior designing, happiness from the roots of the heart is ensured output.


Peace of mind, happiness of heart and prosperity is sought by everyone. The environment today where there is a rush of time, the Vaastu elements bring some miraculous effects to ones living. Swapnakar specialty in Vaastu makes its project unique in its class.